Why Choose Us

Having a commitment to making sure your visit to our Grand Genesis Dental is something to look forward to. That’s the goal of everything we do and the focus of all our attention. We like to think that your smile is our canvas and we are the artists in charge of making sure it stays beautiful and healthy for your entire lifetime.

Here’s just a few of the ways that we accomplish that goal every day for our Richmond Hill patients.

  • Our staff are all well-trained and courteous. The people that you first meet when you enter our general dentistry offices in Grand Genesis are there to give the kind of impression we want. They are competent and professional as well as friendly and helpful and every one from our dental hygienists that comprise the front office staff are valued members of your complete oral health team.
  • This Grand Genesis Dental team also has a wide range of the services that are available no matter what stage of dental care you find yourself in. Along with the very best in emergency services, we have cosmetic dentistry and a wide variety of innovative techniques like panoramic x-rays. These can take a complete picture of any and all issues before they become larger problems and are a great proactive measure.

There is more to the excellent overall package you’ll find here at Grand Genesis Dental. It’s our mission to partner with each and every patient who comes through the doors so we are very big on education, advice and of course the very best in dental care. If you have a question or concerns, we are always available to answer them in easy-to-understand language.

Getting the right kind of tooth care is essential and the family dental care in Grand Genesis we provide includes preventative and restorative measures like cleanings, root canals and of course regular cleanings and any and all other services in between.

It’s important that each and every new Richmond Hill patient feels comfortable and welcome. The bright and inviting reception area we have in our Grand Genesis dental offices act as an invitation to the complete, thorough and friendly services that we have in store for you.

Getting in touch with us is easy and our convenient location with ample parking rounds out all the advantages you’ll have when you come to see us.