Grand Genesis Dental Extractions

Even after we’ve tried everything to save a tooth, there often comes a time due to decay or damage when extraction is the best course of action. One of the more common Grand Genesis dental extractions we perform concerns wisdom teeth. When one of these teeth decays, it can cause a variety of different problems that we can help you with.

One of the most common questions our Richmond Hill patients ask before they come in for any kind of dental extraction is what they should expect from the procedure. First off, there’s absolutely no need to worry about this common dental process causing you undue pain because our experience dentists have different kinds of anesthetics they can use. These include a local anesthetic that can be administered right at the site where the surgery will take place. As well, a sedation anesthetic or general anesthesia are available to make the whole procedure is comfortable as possible.

Here’s how the procedure generally goes under the careful and watchful guidance of our experienced dental team.

  • Dental extractions of wisdom teeth need to be approached carefully. Usually the process starts with an incision in the gum that exposes both the bone and tooth.
  • The tooth can be pulled out pieces if that’s the easier route to take.
  • Sutures are used afterward while you heal up.

Afterwards, our Grand Genesis dental team will prescribe the proper medications to help you recover with a minimum of discomfort. After the surgery is over we always like to inform our Richmond Hill patients about the recovery time that they can expect and what will happen during that process.

What’s Normal After Grand Genesis Dental Extractions

If you experience some swelling and discomfort as well as some bleeding there’s no need to worry because initially that’s normal. If you can, it’s a good idea to try to avoid spitting as much as possible so you don’t stop your blood from clotting. We are always available to help you with all of the questions that you might have after dental extractions in Grand Genesis and especially those involving wisdom teeth.

Immediately after the surgery, it’s a good idea to take the rest of the day and relax. You can go back to your routine the following day but it’s a good plan to stay away from activities that are too strenuous that might stop your blood from clotting properly in the socket left by the surgery. That means you’ll need to avoid any kind of exercise or sports activity for around a week.