Grand Genesis Bone Grafting

It’s important to make sure that any dental implants have a solid foundation to rest on, and that’s why we make Grand Genesis bone grafting services available to our patients. You might even need to regenerate some of the jawbone around natural teeth and we have both synthetic and artificial options available.

Missing teeth can be the start of a problem that includes your jawbone. When you’re missing a tooth and don’t have that space filled with an implant or bridge, the resulting bone loss can become an issue for any dental implants in the future.

That’s why we suggest bone grafting in Grand Genesis as the logical solution. Our offices are comfortable and friendly and our staff is well-trained and can answer any and all of your questions about the procedures involved.

Soft Jawbone?

If you have a jawbone that is too soft , it’s more than likely you might need to have a bone graft before a dental implant can be properly inserted. The idea is to create a solid foundation for the implant because your jawbone is the base that takes most of the pressure chewing exerts.

Bone grafting is a procedure that’s completed in stages and the graft itself might come from another part of your own body like a hip. The other options that are available before a dental implant can be properly fitted include artificial grafts. For Grand Genesis bone grafting to work properly, it can take several months before we’re ready to move on with any implant surgery.

All of our dentists are experienced and well versed in every area of bone grafting, but because it’s an invasive procedure you might experience some symptoms like swelling or even minor bruising . If you do, remember that we are always available with advice and follow-up treatments.

Other Services

Of course we offer a wide variety of other services in our Grand Genesis dental offices. We like to stress to each and every one of our Richmond Hill patients how important it is to have a good oral hygiene routine. That includes making sure that you keep up regular visits with our experienced and knowledgeable dentists so we can find any small issues before they become bigger problems.

If you have any questions about our Grand Genesis bone grafting services or any other of the family dentistry in Richmond Hill options you have with us, get in touch any time for concise and friendly answers from our knowledgeable staff.