Grand Genesis Bruxism Nightguards Solve The Issue

Grinding your teeth at night or during the day can have a destructive effect on them in the long run. A large majority of the people who need our Grand Genesis bruxism nightguard solutions aren’t aware the answer to their issues can be found at our offices.

Along with breaking old fillings, there is a cosmetic element because grinding can actually shorten your front teeth and affect the way your smile looks. Severe cases of what’s technically called bruxism can affect your jawbone as well.

That’s why we have the solution. Our research has led us to the conclusion that unique nightguards are the best route to take to solve this problem. These are all custom-made and prevent you from grinding down on your teeth by supplying a buffer. Our professionals will take an impression and have one of these custom products made especially for you. In the interim, our Grand Genesis bruxism nightguards experts have a few tips to help you with this annoying and damaging issue.

  • It’s a good idea to stay away from alcohol and caffeine. Both these beverages cause you to grind your teeth and make the entire situation worse.
  • If it’s possible, you want to stay away from chewing gum and even gnawing on that pen while you’re at work.

The Richmond Hill bruxism patients we treat are all more than satisfied with the results. Why not take a few minutes to look through the testimonials on our website from people just like you who have come in for a wide variety of treatments ranging from family dentistry to cosmetic dentistry in Grand Genesis services?

Our experienced dentists have more than 20 years combined practice time and our staff are friendly and helpful. If you have any questions at all about bruxism or any other dental issue, get in touch with us because we’d be only too happy to answer them for you.
Whether you’re looking for orthodontic in Grand Genesis services, bone grafting or dental hygiene options, we have that excellent combination of experience and a friendly warm atmosphere that you’re sure to like.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always on hand to serve our Richmond Hill patients. We are the only place you’ll need to come for Grand Genesis family dentistry that looks after the smile and oral health for everyone in your family.