Grand Genesis Digital Dental X-Rays

It’s important to us that we bring each and every innovation in the dental field to our Grand Genesis offices and digital dental x-rays are no exception. We always feel that it’s very important to be proactive and see small issues before they become larger dental problems. That’s just what these Grand Genesis digital dental x-rays can do. The software they partner with makes for an outstanding diagnostic tool that has no equal in the history of the dental world.

These are safe procedures that can actually reduce the amount of radiation that our Richmond Hill patients are subject to by 70%. These are a very important part of any dental treatment program and one that we focus on because we are committed to making sure your oral health lasts a lifetime.

Intraoral and panoramic varieties are both offered as part of our Grand Genesis digital dental x-rays services. There are several advantages to these techniques that allow our experienced and friendly dentists to see various details of what’s going on inside your tooth and mouth including:

  • Cavities. Staying on top of this common dental issue is made much easier by this innovative technology. A simple x-ray can point out where the dentist needs to stop the spread of this kind of decay before it threatens the tooth.
  • Checking on developing teeth. Paediatric Dentistry Grand Genesis is another one of our specialties and these digital dental x-rays allow us to tell see how your children’s teeth are developing.
  • Checking on the health of adult teeth. Because we are committed to making sure that you get to keep your original set of teeth for as long as possible, we like to look “ behind the scenes” with the tools that we have to head off any problems.
  • Looking at the roots of your teeth. Our Grand Genesis digital dental x-rays allow us to see things that would otherwise be hidden from our view like the status of the roots of your teeth.

The Grand Genesis digital dental x-rays that we provide are also very important for your children’s oral development. Using these tools, we can monitor any injuries that your children have suffered through sports or accident and we can have a good look at the position, size and number of teeth that are still inside the gums.