Roots Canals in Grand Genesis Save Teeth

Removing decaying material from your teeth is what our Grand Genesis root canals accomplish. Our experience dentists and friendly staff are interested in making sure that you keep a beautiful smile for as long as possible and of course that includes saving your original teeth wherever possible.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Richmond Hill dental team wants to help you avoid the end result of an infected tooth which is an abscess. Having an infected tooth is a very unpleasant experience and our root canals are designed to avoid it.

One to Two Visits

Our procedures usually take one to two visits. During that time you’ll become familiar with our experienced dentists and friendly staff. We’ve gone out of our way to make the atmosphere at our Grand Genesis family dentistry clinic as pleasant and cheerful as possible. We want you to join our expanding list of satisfied Richmond Hill patients and to have your beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Usually, the procedure works on the first try but because we are dedicated to 100% patient satisfaction, we are more than happy to look after the situations where more than one visit is necessary.

Infections that reach the nerves inside your teeth are usually the first sign that it’s time to come and visit us. Inside each and every tooth are root canals that contain blood vessels as well as connecting tissues and nerves. Cleaning of these canals and saving your tooth is the number one priority of our Grand Genesis root canals services.

We have all the latest technology so the entire experience is as comfortable as possible. Our dentists are dedicated to making sure the entire procedure is as painless as possible and takes only the shortest amount of time.

Why Choose Us?

One of the reasons that you should choose us is the most simple in that we have 20 years experience. We have spared no expense to make sure each and every one of our Richmond Hill clients gets the very best including Digital/ Panoramic x-rays and Dental Vibe with minimal pain injection.

We thought of every detail to make any root canals in Richmond Hill that you need to have done as pleasant as possible including our friendly welcoming staff and convenient location with ample parking space. While we are dedicated to prevention of any and all kinds of oral disease, we are well equipped to look after you regardless of the circumstances.